Teaching is HARD. 08 Jan 2014

Gods. Dammit... and here I thought I'd be instantly good at teaching. A little backstory: my good friend Gray decided that he wants to learn how to code up some internets (because apparently he wants to get asked really poigniant questions when he says he works with computers).

"Sure! I know plenty, and I make the browser dance almost err'y day. Let's do it! This should be EASY!", I said.

... I was wrong.

I mean, it's not to say I'm totally useless, I've just been caught off guard to be doing just as much learning as my student.

To be fair, this is a pretty ambitious undertaking... perhaps my most ambitious. We are going from "Oh, uh, I know some HTML and CSS, I guess" to "CALL IN THE JAVASCRIPT BOMBSQUAD, BITCHES" over the course of about a month.

Not only that, I'm keeping my client workload going, and even slinging some design work for the course.

Welp... tomorrow marks one week since we started. So far, Gray's already gotten pretty dang competent with Haml, Sass, a bit of JavaScript/jQuery. The words "prototypal inheritance" may have been mentioned once or twice without complete mystification.

So far, so good. I'll post again about this later this month. This may be something I start doing more often... or it may turn into something I never try ever again.

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